Youth (2017)

Ten pieces for piano

Duration (mins): 14
Instrumentation: piano
First performance: 12.3.18, Milton Court, Barbican, London: Clare Hammond

The Air, Turning (2016)

For orchestra

Duration (mins): 9
Instrumentation: 3(III=picc).3.3(III=bcl).2.cbsn - 4.3.2.btrbn.1 - timp - perc(3): 5 bell plates/susp.cym/crot (+db bow)/Tam-t/vib(+db bow)/med. nipple gong - strings
First performance: 23.2.17, City Halls, Glasgow: BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra/Ilan Volkov

Elsewhere (2016)

For violin with reverb

Duration (mins): c.9
First performance: 26.6.16, St John's Smith Square, London: Daniel Pioro

Parallel Colour (2015)

For ensemble of 15 players

Duration (mins): c.16
Instrumentation: 2 cl (I+II=bcl) - 2 fgh - perc(2): t.bells/crot/2 nipple gongs (medium)/vib/glock/bell plate/2 marbles/2 metal thimbles - 2 pf - strings (2221)
First performance: 6.2.16, CBSO Centre, Birmingham: BCMG/Richard Baker

Shades Lengthen (2015)

For solo violin and ensemble

Duration (mins): 16
Instrumentation: 1(=picc+afl).1.1.0 - 1110 - perc(1): t.bells/crot/2 bell plates/2 marbles/2 metal thimbles - pno - solo vln - 2 vln.vla.vcl.db
First performance: 10.12.15, St John at Hackney Church, London: Benjamin Beilman/London Contemporary Orchestra/Hugh Brunt

Brother (2012/2015)

For violin and viola

Duration (mins): 11
First performance of version in 4 movements: 16.3.15, Roundhouse, London: Galya Bisengalieva, Robert Ames

Between Rain (2014)

For string orchestra

Duration (mins): 13
Instrumentation: strings (min.
First performance: 23.8.14, Roundhouse, London: London Contemporary Orchestra/Hugh Brunt

Across White Air (2014)

For cello with reverb

Duration (mins): 10
First performance: 23.6.14, Holy Trinity Sloane Square, London: Oliver Coates


Electronics only

Duration (mins): 27

Lines Curved Rivers Mirrored (2014)

For bass viol (7 strings)

Duration (mins): 6
First performance: 5.2.14, Cross Linx Festival, Rotterdam: Liam Byrne

Verbo Domini (2014)

For choir (SSAATTBB)

Duration (mins): 4
First performance: 26.4.14, New College Chapel, Oxford: New College Choir, Edward Higginbottom

Seeing is Flux (2013)

For 14 musicians

Duration (mins): c.11
Instrumentation: 1(=picc+afl).1(=eh).1.1 - 1110 - perc(1): glsp/tam-t/nipple gong (medium)/t.bells/2 marbles/2 metal thimbles - pno (prepared w. blu-tak) - 2 vln.vla.vcl.db
First performance: 8.12.13, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London: London Sinfonietta, Baldur Brönnimann


Electronics only

Duration(mins): 15
First performance: 22.8.13, walking from Primrose Hill to Roundhouse, London: Part of London Contemporary Orchestra's Imagined Occasions series

in situ (2013)

For 9 musicians

Duration (mins): c.13
Instrumentation: fl (=afl). cl - perc(1): sus.cym/t.bells/glsp/vib - pno -
First performance: 15.6.13, Dillon Gallery, New York City: Chelsea Music Festival Ensemble, Ken-David Masur

Four Duets (2012)

Clarinet and Piano

Duration (mins): 10
Instrumentation: cl. pno
First Performance: 8.12.12, Royal Festival Hall, London: Mark Simpson, Víkingur Ólafsson

Relative Colour (2012)

String Septet

Duration (mins): 11
Instrumentation: 2 vln. 2 vla. 2 vlc. db
First Performance: 12.3.12, Carnegie Zankel Hall, New York: various/E.Finnis

Quartet in Three Parts (2012)

Chamber ensemble of 4 players

Duration (mins): 12
Instrumentation: cl (=cl in A detuned 1/4-tone). pno. vln. vlc
First Performance: 19.3.12, The Forge, London: Mercury Quartet

Sister (2012)

String Duo

Duration (mins): 5
Instrumentation: vln. vlc
First Performance: 20.8.12, Seiji Ozawa Hall, Tanglewood: Micah Ringham, Michael Dahlberg

Unfolds (2011, rev.2012)

Chamber ensemble of 5 players

Duration (mins): 7
Instrumentation: fl (=picc+afl). cl (=cl in Eb). hn. vln. vlc
First Performance: 5.11.11, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London: London Sinfonietta

Frame/Refrain (2011, rev.2012)

Chamber Ensemble of 14 players

Duration (mins): 5
Instrumentation: 1(=picc+afl).0.1.1 - 1110 - perc(1): crot(with bow)/tam-t/t.bells - pno (prepared with blutak) - harp - 2 vln.vla.vlc.db
First Performance: 22.7.11, Snape Maltings, Aldeburgh: Britten/Pears Ensemble/Gregory Charette

Veneer (2011)

Solo Viola with live electronics (reverb)

Duration (mins): 6
First Performance: 5.4.11, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London: Paul Silverthorne/London Sinfonietta

Focus/Pull (2011)

Chamber ensemble of 8 players

Duration (mins): 7
Instrumentation: fl (=picc). cl(= cl in Eb). ca. hn. pno. vla. vlc. db
First Performance: 26.2.11, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London: members of BBC
Symphony Orchestra/Guildhall Musicians/Richard Baker

Flicker (2008)

Full Orchestra

Duration (mins): 10
Instrumentation: 3(I=picc).3.3(I=cl in Eb).3(III=cbsn) - asax - 4331 - perc(2): xyl/t.bells/BD/crot(with bow)/t.tam/3 Sus.cym/tgl/medium nipple gong/SD/whip - 2 hp - cel - pno - strings
First Performance: 21.4.08 Temppeliaukion, Helsinki: Sibelius Academy Symphony Orchestra/Sian Edwards